Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Chapter 4, Part 2


People are individuals which are part of a whole. This may be as visible and tangible as a society, but perhaps, and more probably than not, there is an invisible and so far intangible connection joining everyone such as an overall collective consciousness. Whom are the channelers channeling? This would also mean that souls or the consciousness of the individual people are also connected. This leads to a frequent question; since there are now more people on the planet than there used to be, where are all the extra people and souls coming from? I think the answer is the following possibility I would like to offer, people are like the cells of a growing body, there's one body but the cells multiply as necessary for its growth. The souls work in a similar way, there is one soul or consciousness but it subdivides into as many pieces as there are people. As people grow, mutate and adapt, what is the body they are a part of? As a body and mind continue their existence as the individual cells die, so too it then follows that the “body” and “mind” that people are a part of, must continue their existence as people die and are born. What stimuli for mutation is this “humanity body” receiving? What part of the “humanity body” is there to mutate or adapt? In my opinion it is the beliefs and opinions of the human collective itself that are evolving and adapting. While our ego would certainly perk up and say “I'm fairly evolved as is” the reality is that the universe is pretty old, so is the planet, and in the grand scheme of things people have only been around for a few minutes if not seconds. We may have a long way to go, but imagine the possibilities.

This comparison, in my opinion, presents a fractal pattern. Fractal patterns are present all around us, and in simplest terms they are the repetition of an object in a pattern which then forms the same object but on a larger scale and this repeats to infinity. The scale between people and cells is drastically different, but the organization appears to be much the same. Eight identical cubes put together to form a single large cube, then that large cube being put together with another seven cubes to again form a single large cube, is an example of a fractal pattern as all of the initial cubes are identical and keep creating a larger version of themselves. As we consider the similarity of organization between cells and people we can consider that the two are fractals of each other, we can then examine all of the other analogues present, or search for analogues of something present in one and not yet discovered in the other. Once we have cells and people as two points on the fractal pattern scale, we can start extrapolating the pattern further. What do all of the people on the planet represent when put together? Where is the similar planet, with all of its similar people put together, and what is their connection to us? Interestingly enough though, as the scale of the individual, from cell to human, increases the quantity of individuals decreases, trillions of cells in a body but only billions of people on the planet. Perhaps there are only millions of such planets, which result in only hundreds of thousands of planetary collectives. Potentially everything grows in scale and condenses in quantity until there is only one all-encompassing something. Potentially this process is a fractal infinity as more tiny cells are produced then grow then condense into larger collectives, resulting in an ever growing ever condensing ever larger all-encompassing one.

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