Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Hidden" Knowledge

What if "hidden" knowledge is not really hidden, what if it's simply not understood? Do I
 hide knowledge from my son? No. But for now he is not able to grasp and understand the reasons for some of the things that I do. At least this is what I believe about what he understands about what I do. Some things are "hidden" until he grows up enough to learn and understand "here's what you can do". Is college level knowledge hidden from kindergarten kids, or is it hidden by the fact that it wouldn't be understood?

What "secret" knowledge is "hidden" from us, and what can we do? What can we do to reveal this knowledge, what can we do to make it available to "me" and "you"? What can we do to raise/grow/increase our understanding, and add the "secret" and "hidden" to what we know and do? What if hidden knowledge is not really hidden, what if it simply needs to be learned to be "revealed" and understood?

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