Thursday, November 6, 2014

All Shamans

Could life be a story, with shamans as the storytellers? Could it be that all of us are shamans, and some of us get together to tell a bigger story? Could it be that the more shamans, the more stories in a large common one? One life, made out of multiple lives lived together? We live our own lives, and we are parts of a larger life such as "America", or the "Space Race", or a "World War". Many shamans coming together, to create the story of the creation of utopia, on the planet, all together, right now. "How would we do it?" "What ideas do you have?"

Could it be that we have collectively said enough, and are now telling the story of "where I was when the world changed"? Could it be that living according to an idea and telling stories about it, is exactly what brings it in to be? Could some be the shamans who tell the bigger story? In a company it is the managers, in countries it is the government, on a planet it is the shamans. Could some be the shamans telling the "world story"? If we don't know who the "some" are, then we have to resort to the "everyone" are ​position. That would mean that we are all shamans, jointly telling the story. We are all shamans, jointly telling the story, which means; anything goes.

The more unpleasant a story, the fewer will come together to tell it, and the fewer will follow it. The overall tone is set, regardless of the actions of the unpreferred fringes, whatever that they are.​ Overall it is more pleasant to have hope in the story. It is better to come together to tell the story of how everyone was special, and everyone was treasured. As opposed to the story of despair, and the never ending darkness. Everyone is a shaman, so it is everyone's individual lives that set the tone, collectively, for the planet. What each of us says and does, matters. Regardless of whether it is "good", or "bad", it matters. It matters if there is hope, and a brighter future, and a better world, in the story. It is good for what you want, to be in the story.

That there is a continuity to shamans, and to those shamans that are consciously aware of telling the story, indicates some kind of system. The presence of a system, indicates order. The presence of order, indicates rules. The presence of rules, shows that someone established them. If we don't know who, then we have to resort to the"us" position. ​Isn't it better to think that we are the ones establishing the rules? To use that idea to establish a utopia for all, and THEN go back to fighting, and to worrying, and to arguing about who made us? How to worship them? What food to eat in their honor, and what clothing to wear, and whom to be friends with, and with whom to go to war with?

Can we first use the power we have to set an ideal to be used as a benchmark, before continuing to slaughter each other, and cheat, and lie, and do, all under the guise of "I have to, because of something, or someone, else"​? Isn't it better to act as being the ones with the power, and to use that power for the betterment of all? Isn't it better to act as being the ones with power, and consider the conditions as they are and how we would change them? Isn't it better to believe we have the power, and to act accordingly, because that's the way most of us want to behave anyway? Isn't it better to believe that all of us are shamans, telling the story together?

We are all telling the story together and anything goes, but the only rule is that anything you ask for, gets asked of you. The more you ask of life, the more is asked of you. The more you ask life to show you of life, the more of that you have to show to life. What story do you tell about your life? Are you improving? So's the world. Are you improving the world? The world is improving you. Are you actively participating in government? Then that is how much your voice is heard. Are you doing your best at work? Then that is how you are treated, how your company performs, and the skills you acquire. When meeting someone rude, or obnoxious, or mean, do you tell the story of "meeting the unpleasant person, who didn't know that, WE HAD STOPPED DOING THAT!"?

Are you telling the story of everything getting better for one and all? Is figuring out "who's at fault?" more important than "everything turned out great for ALL of us!"?​ Maybe if enough of us tell a good enough story, where everyone's a hero, at every level of life, be it family, work, country, and world, then we'll actually know what it's like to experience it? Is the idea of "why someone else can't get what they want" more important than "going after what I want, without doing what I wouldn't want done to me"? Is it more important to decide "why someone else can't have the heaven I create", than "I created heaven for myself, and if someone else is using it too, that's ok with me"?

What if every idea, every story, every belief, needs to be always weighed against "like it" and "don't like it", so that we can at least be happy with our choices? "I'm not going to do anything, with the repercussions of which I would not want to live with." "How do I live my life?" may be the best part of the story. "How do I live my life, relative to yesterday? What can I do today, so that tomorrow is better than today? What improvements from yesterday am I enjoying today?" The best story, individually and collectively, may be how the world became perfect, how this made my life perfect, and  what I did to help.
Join me all shamans, all storytellers, all people, all who are a part of the story, in telling the story of how through the idea of "better for one and all", and the action of "better for one and all", everything became "better for one and all". The story of how your life which is a part of the world, and the world which is a part of your life, on every layer, became "better for one and all".​ All behavior better, all living conditions better, all technology better, all life better. Join me all shamans, all storytellers, all people who are a part of the story, in telling how all became "better for one and all". One choice at a time.

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