Monday, November 10, 2014


Does anyone really grasp the magnitude of how many parts move when we move? Just how tiny the particles are, and how many of them there are? The smallest, slightest flutter of our eyelashes, the twitch of a finger, a single step. Billions and billions of cells, composed of billions of atoms, composed of billions of subatomic particles. All of the parts, pieces, components, come into motion at the slightest whim. Instantly, with no delay, we think and our bodies obey, trillions and trillions of parts moving in sync. Receiving signal, and providing feedback, as they all shift, and move, and adjust to accommodate our needs and demands.

All of these parts moving from the inside out, from the smallest to the largest. Some tiny particle being induced into motion, compressing against an other, and an other, and an other, until finally a limb moves, then an other, and an other, and an other, until the entire body is in motion, accelerating faster, and faster, and faster, and faster, until it is finally at full speed sprint. The entire process taking seconds, all of the pieces working as necessary, shifting, and alternating, to perform the function known as "run". What exactly pushes the first component in this long chain called "run"?

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