Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vision Zero

It takes all kinds of people, playing their games, to form what we call life. Reality, nature, existence, "whatever", has a place for everyone. It has a place for those whose game it was to push for the "Vision Zero" law. It has a place for those who's game was to push against, and now to try to repeal, the "Zero Vision" law. There are those who's game will be to leave New York City, and not participate at all in this, or any other, New York City game. All are needed; those who have been "brought" to this point and will continue on as "social reformers", and those who have been "brought" to this point to "abandon the city".

It is a personal choice which of these, or any other, we want to be, and how we want to play the game. "Vision Zero", "Zero Vision", "No Vision", "Great Vision", it's all the same, all choices for our vision of the game. We pick our roles, and we play the games, and together we call it life. To some it won't even register. In their life of going with the flow, New York is just an other city, and twenty-five is just an other speed limit sign they pass during their day. Just an adjustment to their GPS's E.T.A..

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