Saturday, November 8, 2014

Zero Ones

I divided by zero. I divided, a number by zero. Or I, divided by zero. In the case of the number the answer is traditionally zero. But if I am divided by zero, I remain. I'm still here and I'm still there, I do not go away just because I am divided by nothing. In fact it is precisely because I have not been divided, that I remain.

Something divided by two, is split into two equal halves. Divided by four, into quarters. Divided by ten, into tenths. Divided by nothing, the answer has to be the number itself. It has not been divided. The number remains whole, because it has been divided by no quantity. It is whole after being divide by zero object of any kind. Divided by zero of anything. 

Multiplied by zero, the number must remain the same. An existing number, multiplied by zero, remains the same because no change has been introduced. Zero multiplied by a number equals that number, because if nothing else, at least that number exists. A number multiplied by a number of "anything" means that if nothing else, at least that number exists, if nothing has been defined about the "anything".  A number, whatever it may be, multiplied by something like three hundred forty seven, means that if nothing else was defined about the number then at least the three hundred forty seven exists, since it was multiplied by in the first place.

Zero may be the whole of everything. Not the empty end-ness of existence, but the whole containment of all that there is. It is a wholeness, and any number multiplied by zero, would in fact be multiplying "wholeness", thereby the answer being that number of wholenesses. Otherwise it would be the number multiplied by wholeness, and it would be a whole "that number". Divided by zero, the number is being divided by wholeness, by no divisor, or it is equally being split up by all there is that makes up the "whole", which leaves the number of whatever pieces that the "whole" is made up of. If the "whole" is unknown, then at least there's the number that was divided by it, which can serve as the answer until the "whole" is defined.

A number multiplied by zero, equals the number. A number divided by zero, equals the number. A "nothing" change has been done to the number, either it is the same number that it was with no change, or it is a number, modified by whatever we want to substitute zero with. Multiplied by one, the answer is actually, whatever it is being multiplied is doubled. There is now the original and the one multiple of it. Divided by one, the answer is whatever the number is, because until it is defined what the one "something" is, there has been no division.

The system seems to be skewed that way, that zero is actually one of everything, and one is an equal component in the multitude of whatever equal ones that make up the zero, least of which is two, meaning that zero is one of everything but all of the everythings are equal ones. We can define one as anything, but zero is all of those ones put together and all of the ones are the same. To multiply by one means that there are two, but to divide by one, the original one remains since without any other definition it is the only one known. Either I am the wholeness of all there is, or I am an equal component making up whatever that there is. Either I am the wholeness of all there is, or I am one of the seven billion people. If nothing else, at least we are all equally people, and I am a person.

If I am divided by nothing, I am one clear want, one clear need, one clear passion. If I am divided by nothing, I am one clear choice. I am one whole thought, and word, and deed. If I am all there is, then others are pieces of me. If I am an equal part, then others are pieces equal to me. Either way I would not want anything to happen to them that I would not want to happen to me. Do I want to be offered a helping hand? Then I need to be an equal one, and offer it when I see that someone needs it. I am one who wants the best for one and all.

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