Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book 1 (My Opinion, Your Choice) - Introduction

I had no intention of writing a book. In fact, I had no intention of writing anything at all. Initially, I simply lacked understanding and couldn’t make sense of the world around me. I had a family, friends, a job, a decent life, but the world at large made no sense at all. Politics, civilization, religion, science, medicine, death, none of this was satisfactory, it didn’t mesh together and in fact at first felt stagnant and then increasingly negative. I also felt as though I was sinking into a pit of negativity on a personal level. This was disguised as friends telling each other the truth about the reality of the situation, but really it was just a whole lot of raining on each other's parades. Looking back on my teenage years, and my early twenties, I could distinctly remember the optimism, and radiant buoyancy of my personality. I used to be cheery and the world had been sunny, but somewhere along the way, I had met “reality” and was no longer interested in the sugar-coated world. Reality was serious, and mean, and I had to keep my guard up because if I was having fun, then something bad was waiting around the corner to ruin my fun. I had managed to find a balance of nothing good happens without bad, but hopefully not too bad, and that was my life.

It was then that I got a nudge in understanding by being introduced to some novel concepts. These concepts were new and exciting, and they explained things to a greater degree, but there was a very negative reality attached to them. In this new reality there was a lot more to existence, plenty to do, and plenty of potential growth, but the “dark side” was winning, and overall things looked dim. This did not sit well with me at all, but it got me to expand my thinking. I started reading things I had never considered reading, the internet was suddenly full of information showing me possibilities, and a new way to grow was being offered. New “laws” and new ways of looking at things were available, and everything was based on love and freeing myself from fear, and all I had to do was ask. The entire message was “what do you have to lose by feeling love, and asking yourself for whatever it is that you want?” Driving in my car on the highway one day, as I listened to a recording of this idea, I thought it was laughable, but I also thought “what does it hurt, and what do I have to lose?” So I thought about what I wanted, and then I said “I want to understand the world around me”. And nothing happened. I know, I was disappointed at that moment as well. The first realization didn't come for a week, but when it did it stunned me. I was listening to something and suddenly I “understood”, I understood the information underneath the words. It was a stunning moment, but that was it, a moment. Then another moment came a week later. Again I was not looking for it, but suddenly I had a deep understanding of what I was thinking about. Now I have these amazing feelings of realization and awareness on a daily basis, the feeling of “I get it”.

Looking back I can only describe the experience as going from zero to sixty in a few seconds. When I stumbled onto my genie’s lamp, unrealized by me, I asked for more wishes. Specifically I asked for the knowledge to understand, a friend of mine was the one who laughed and called it “wishing for more wishes”. Unlike the books and stories I had grown up with, in my reality this was a completely valid wish. What followed was an eye-opening experience of my opinions adjusting, and realizations coming to me that I felt I needed to share. Needing to share is exactly what I felt, a strong need and imperative that this may be helpful to someone else, as well as a feeling of excitement and joy at the idea of sharing my opinions. Please remember that what you are reading is my realizations and my opinion on how things work. It is just that, MY OPINION. In fact, this is exactly what I believe the world around us is; a collection of opinions all meshing together to create a single experience and world that fits in with our established beliefs. Whatever you just thought when you read the preceding sentence, that thought, was your opinion formed by everything you know coming to the foreground to influence what you think about what you’re reading. What I would like to share is my opinion on the importance of “is my current opinion better than the possibility being offered?”

The world around us, as I see it, is a collection of proof for what we choose to believe and accept as possible. If we choose to believe in flying cars, then the proof will appear to support our opinion. It will take whatever form necessary to be acceptable by us, be it scientific articles on new propulsion, lighter materials, laws on private flying licenses. It will be seamless and possible, describable as “of course” and “naturally”. Time is the adjustment necessary for you to believe or accept the new adjusted reality. The more receptive we are to reality-defying possibilities the more “unbelievable” and faster appearing the proof will be, but always within the realm of possibility, no matter how remote, for US. Yes, us. What I believe we experience is our own personal realities (opinions creating experiences) being influenced and thereby adjusted by everyone else’s personal realities (opinions creating experiences), creating a larger reality which combines everything and all opinions into a working mechanism of events and their interpretations. Everyone has opinions, some keep them to themselves, some share them and some force them onto others. These opinions create ideas and possibilities, be they pleasant or unpleasant, they are still possibilities, giving you a choice to accept or reject the new ideas based on whether they would be more or less pleasant relative to your current reality.

I would like to share my opinion on the possibility of what reality is, as I see it. If this works for you, accept it, if not then reject it. It is my opinion and your choice. I will offer no sources for anything I propose. Not because they don’t exist, but because they exist as proof only for me, you may not believe them. Whatever you decide to believe and accept as your opinion after reading mine, you will be able to find proof and support of for yourself. This is all my opinion on how the world works, and the repetition of a pattern on different levels. I offer this opinion in the hopes of offering a better way to see the world around us. Enjoy, and hopefully find useful, my opinion on what reality is. There is no time, but if you would like to save some of it, skip to the last chapter for the meaning of life.

Thank you,

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