Saturday, November 22, 2014

Layering Time

We all have the same amount of time, but what we do with it is different. Imagine layering more and more events into the same time. Imagine a commute that takes an hour's time. Imagine listening to personal development/educational material audio during the commute. The time that has passed is one hour, but two hours' worth of events have been compounded into that one hour. Imagine now that a coworker was being given a ride. These are three events being layering into the same time. Imagine now that at the same time there are investments earning a return. Four distinct events are being layered into the same time. How many more events might we be able to layer together to densely pack time? Perhaps the car has an advertisement on its doors or windows, and for that hour it acts as a mobile billboard; event number five. All of us may have the same twenty four hours, but some of us may have more skill and ability at layering, and organizing events in time. How might we be able to move around the tasks we have to do during the day, or the week, or month, to optimize and free up our time? What could we gain if we intentionally increase the event density for our time?

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