Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Secret" Knowledge

Imagine that there are people who are absolutely brilliant, geniuses of the highest order. Imagine that they know, understand, comprehend, see, perceive things that others do not. Imagine that they pass this knowledge along to others who can understand and use it, and they do so by embedding it into any media/medium such as books, movies, songs, stories, paintings, mechanisms, sculptures, buildings, etc. What would this appear as? How would this appear to the "lay man", and how would it appear to one who "comprehends" and is "in the know"?

Imagine that it is open and available to all, to every one, to any person who wants it, and all anyone needs to do is "want it, and look for it". How would this present itself in this day and age of the internet, mass communications, libraries, easy world travel, and general information dissemination? Imagine that researchers, scientists, philosophers, inventors, artists, thinkers, professors, parents, doctors, etc., were making their knowledge and ideas available to everyone, including you. Imagine that not only is it available, but available to be taught to you, and available to be learned by you.

How would it appear to you? How could it be found by you? What could you achieve and do with such knowledge possessed by you? What, and how, could we learn from those who are absolutely "the top" in what they do? Are there those who are even "higher", that we can learn from too? What "secrets" can the Einsteins, and da Vincis, and Rohns teach you? Imagine that there are people who are absolutely brilliant, geniuses of the highest order, who teach and pass along their knowledge to any who want it, and they are available on any "internet enabled screen" near you. What "secret" knowledge is available to you?

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