Monday, January 19, 2015

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 3, Part 4


If we do not accept being labeled a certain way, then we should not choose to act a certain way. If we make certain choices, then we should accept certain reactions. If we choose to spend all our money on entertainment, we should not be surprised by the lack of any savings. If we choose to dress unconventionally, then we should not be surprised by the looks we may get. If we are unwilling to put in the effort of getting an education, we should not be surprised by the employment opportunities available or lack thereof. If we are unwilling to exercise, we should not be surprised by the excess weight. If we post on social media what prospective employers find unprofessional, we should not be surprised by their reaction. If we believe we can tell others how to live their lives, then we need to accept that someone can tell us how to live ours. If we are unwilling to accept control of our life, we should not be surprised when it doesn't work the way we want it to. If we do not like anything we need to accept, then we need to change what we choose.

Free choice comes hand in hand with the realization that all we can do at any moment is to choose what we do and to choose what we accept. Everything else that happens is what resonates. We choose to buy a lottery ticket, we accept the potentials of losing and winning. We choose to accept that we are in control of our lives, we choose to accept the potentials of making the right choices and of making mistakes. We choose to make our own decisions, we accept that others make their own decisions. We choose to have our own opinions, beliefs, and ideas, then we accept that others have their own. What happens afterwards is what we resonate with. Are we a winner, or are we a whiner? Are we afraid of the mistakes we might make, or are we loving that we are making the choices? Are our ideas worth making everyone hear them?

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