Monday, January 19, 2015

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 3, Part 2


Finally came the technological evolution of the internet and with it social media. People are now able to say anything and reach anyone. There are no limitations on content, quantity or quality. People are now free to communicate as little or as much as they want to, and people are free to listen and pay attention to as little or as much as they want to. There is no such thing as too much information being shared. There is only the choice to accept the information or not. In order to accept the ideas we like, we allow our Self to accept them. We allow the ideas we like and allow what they may bring with them. There is the choice to allow the unknown an idea we like may bring with it. It is the age of free choice as “what” people have to say dictates whether anyone will listen. It is not up to the people looking to say “stop I don't want anymore”. It is up to them to say “I am not interested, this is not for me” and to look at something else. The people sharing don't have to listen to anyone saying “stop”, they only have to decide what message they want to be known by, to decide what to say.

We have come to the age when everyone can be heard, and their message determines if they will be listened to. Everyone has the freedom to proclaim “I want to build schools”, “I want war and famine”, “I want equality for all”, “I want a free car”, “I want others to take care of me”, “I want to offer one day out of every week to teach children to read”. Every one of these is valid as a statement, every one of these has its place. And everyone has the freedom to choose which of these messages to listen to. Which of these ideas they would like to incorporate into their life. We have come to the age when we hear everything, and we choose what to listen to. We have come to the age of “I have something to share” and the flip-side “I am willing to accept”. “I have something to say regardless of anyone listening”, matched by “I like what I'm hearing, I think I'll continue listening”. When everyone can be heard, the one with the idea which resonates best will have listeners, and the listeners will be the ones who resonate best with that idea. The art which resonates best with the viewers will have viewers for that art. The musician will have fans. Fans will find the musician they like best. The performer will have patrons. Patrons will find the performers they like. The guide on the path will have followers, all they have to do is choose whether to lead or not. When someone will look for guidance they will find it, all they have to do is choose to receive it or not. It is the age of choice. To perform or not, to attend or not. To teach or not, to learn or not. To do, or not. To share or not, to accept or not.

What we have is choice. To be or not to be has already been answered by “I am”. Now the choice is to do or not to do? To act on a choice, or to accept the consequences. To do or not to do is the choice we are faced with every moment of our lives. Infinite choices to do or not to do. To be brave or to be afraid. To smile or not to smile. To smile or to frown. To be happy or not. To be sad or not. To go to work, or stay at home. To invest or not. To play with the child, or not. To help a friend, or not. To ignore an insult, or to react. To rise to the occasion, or to stay timid. Once the choice of doing is made, there is the infinite subdivision of the choice by “to do how”? To do with joy, or not. To do as best we can, or not. To go to work and work, or to go to work and slack off. To make the best effort, or just enough to skate by. We have the choice of going to work. Once we make the choice to go to work, we have the choice of driving or taking public transportation. Once we make the choice to drive we may have traffic, we have the choice of being bothered by the traffic or not. We have the choice of being in a rush, or enjoying the extra time to ourselves. Once we make the choice to be bothered by the traffic, we have the choice of letting it ruin our mood for the entire day or not. The next day we again have choices to make; to go to work or not, to accept a ruined mood or not, and everything in between. To keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result, in the words of Albert Einstein is insanity. To keep doing the same thing while expecting the same result, is a choice to accept the consequences.

To be continued...

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