Monday, January 12, 2015

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 2, Part 2


If all people around us are AESA’s “mirrors”, then they are in effect “mirrors” for each other and each other’s Self as well. What if all the people around us are “mirrors” of whatever everyone is projecting, or in other words personifications or embodiments of our opinions? What if all the people around us are the embodiments/personifications of our thoughts, opinions and ideas? “Mirrors” for our thoughts, the way a glass mirror reflects the expression on our faces. This may be a combination of our opinions, or a single one. The interaction with this “person” may be a chance for us to interact with one or more of our beliefs. Knowing which belief they personify, may allow us a chance to discuss a situation with them and to see it from that perspective. When someone comes into our lives and is offering support, help, as well as encouragement could they be a manifestation of our opinion that we are on the right path? If there is doubt in our minds, someone may appear to impersonate that doubt. An example of our irresponsibility being reflected to us could be someone telling us to keep using credit cards to buy as much stuff as we want, and just pay the minimum each month. We think about the idea and do the research. Once we see the fine print, our intuition tells us that it’s not a good idea “what about paying back the money?” And we decide that this is not for us. Actually there are reflections available for “what if” as well. “What if I had decided to charge up my credit cards?” Plenty of stories and statistics available all around us from first-hand accounts from people we know, to stories on the internet.

The big question and issue of difficulty is our loved ones. We are so used to a certain way of them behaving, and a certain persona we have been bestowing and reflecting from them for so long that they are an amalgamation of a plethora of opinions. There is so mush “history” that we don’t believe that we “create” them. We are the ones “asking” our loved, dear, and near ones to impersonate one or more of our opinions. At times we “ask” them to be the voice of reason, and at times they are the gentle nudge we feel we need. They are the support in our lives, but occasionally they may be the obstacle as they reflect our own reluctance back to us. The people on the street are opinions that have nothing to do with us. There is nothing to reflect. They are someone else’s opinions, and the extent of our interaction with them may be just a subconscious attraction or repulsion, depending on what we exude for them to reflect back to us. The people on the street are easy, if we don’t like them we can just walk away. What do we do with our family and friends when they’re pissing us off? Do to others what you want them to do to you. Love them and they will love you back. Easy and effective.

Do to others what you want them to do to you is an old expression, perhaps it’s time to rephrase it as “do to others what you want them to reflect back to you”. If all the people around us are impersonations of our opinions, thoughts, and beliefs then loving all of them simply means loving all the parts of ourselves. And if they are “reflections” then we will simply be reflecting love back to ourselves. In a specific situation we may choose the opinion we would like to have, but all of the opinions are valid, all of the opinions make up our individual “I”. “I” may not like an opinion, and “I” may choose a different opinion to interact with, but both are “I”’s opinions. The people around us are those opinions we would like to interact with, and the opinions we would like to bring to a situation. When experiencing the situation of dealing with a child, we may want to bring along our “reflection” or “idea” of patience. When making a deal, we may want our “negotiator” or “deal maker” with us.

To be continued...

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