Monday, December 1, 2014

Randomizing Factor

My endeavor is to show, that life/nature/"reality" has a formula according to which it grows/forms/develops/cycles. This formula, while being simple as a formula, provides a complex output because it has a "randomizing factor". A factor for unpredictability, randomness, uniqueness, and any other way to express individuality. An (X+Y) * RF. The X, and or the Y, being under our control, while the RF is random as a factor. (Income + Expenses) * Randomizing Factor. The income and expenses for a week, and the interest earned on the sum as the randomizing factor. An other week a roof leak may be the randomizing factor. And yet an other week the car breaks down, or a lotto win, may be the randomizing factor.

While the income, and the expenses, may be under our control to a greater degree, as yet there is little to no control of the randomizing factor called "nature". What I propose is that we take, as much as we can, control of, and improve, the "income" and "expense" factors, and it should allow for easier handling, and influence, of nature's "Randomizing Factors". A comfortable financial cushion, influences and alters the impact of a leaky roof's randomizing factor. X plus Y, times the RF, but the RF is altered by X/Y. A tree adds rings according to some "input" and "output" factors, but a hurricane is a "randomizing" factor, resulting in an unpredictable/unique/specific tree. A sneeze, a trip, a kind, or unkind, word; all randomizing factors, much like a sudden benefactor.

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