Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 4


We are the life “chain” generators, resonating with and attracting the “links” and “chains” of various experiences. The “links” and “chains” are experiences with their associated awareness/charge/energy/knowing which we collect to grow our own Awareness. We are Self-Awareness and as we collect the awareness in the experiences we become more Self-aware, thus growing our Self-Awareness. There are experiences of poverty, wealth, health, depression, and all the possible permutations. To collect the Awareness of an experience we do not need to experience them, merely to become Aware of them. Watching a movie will do. As we collect the Awareness in experiences we grow, and as we grow our Higher Selves grow. It is inherently beneficial for our Higher Selves to have us grow. This means the Higher Selves want more Awareness, but it doesn’t mean we have to have unpleasant experiences. Pleasant experiences will provide Awareness just the same. Being aware of poverty and illness through a movie or book does not necessitate experiencing it, but there is still the experience of feeling relief that things are not that bad. There are parallel “links” with sets of circumstances producing feelings which are sadder/worse than those we are feeling now, and there are “links” with sets of circumstances producing happier/better feelings. As we decide what feelings we would like to experience, we will simultaneously move in the direction of and attract to us the “link” and its circumstances which produce those feelings.

As we experience our own “chains of events” we form expectations of what comes next, which can also be described as habits and inertia. These expectations bring us to experiences in the chain of events based on our past experiences not purely on our wants. When we decide to change direction we deal with the expectations we have formed. The greater the expectations the more force we may have to apply to create a change in the “chain of events”. This gets compounded by how great or drastic a change we would like to make in the “chain of events”. If we are not happy with our current “chain of events” we can always attract a happier/better “chain”, and simply jump over. When we attract the “links” of a better “chain” and have the possibility to jump over, the reason we cling to the “chain” we know but do not like is because of the fear of the unknown. The fear of what may happen, and how others may react. “How do I expect to get a table at a busy restaurant without a reservation?” Who cares, walk right in thinking about what you want, and what happens, happens. Besides maybe you don’t want to eat there tonight because the cook had a fight with his wife, and your dish was going to be the one he’d spit in.

There is a cycle to the experiences as well, the cycle of expansion and contraction. The cycle of doing, learning, possibly tearing down, and re-doing. Almost a dance of “two steps forward one step back”, as we discover what the next step brings, and decide if it’s what we want and if it’s good enough. This is the cycle of a child building a tower out of blocks, then disassembling it to create a new, better, and improved tower. Our seeing where the choices we made have led us, learning and knowing how to optimize and improve, and knowing where and how to do and build differently. The cycle of seeing what was done and disassembling it to reassemble better, greater, and grander. The cycle of collecting more and more awareness of the Self’s abilities, likes, and dislikes. This is the cycle of our learning what we like and what we do not like, what improvements we can make and how we can make them. When a tower of blocks gets broken, when a job is lost, when an investment goes belly up, this is not the end. This is the beginning of rebuilding. But it also does not have to be drastic. Deciding to change jobs does not mean we should burn bridges, quitting is also an experience which can be experienced in different ways. When the alphabet is learned, when school is finished, when a degree is earned, this is not the end. This is the time of doing. This is the chance to apply everything learned in the previous cycles. This is the opportunity to create something grander. This is the opportunity to show and use everything that has been learned. This is the opportunity to refine. This is the opportunity to create something higher. This is the opportunity to evolve. This is an opportunity to become the Higher Self.

We are individuals and continue to individualize the kind of Self we want to be. We are the individual Self in a given scenario, collecting the individual Awareness. As we experience this individualized Self we understand its specificity more and more, and become more aware of it and grow our Self Awareness. Ultimately we will, in my opinion, become aware of all there is to be aware of, but it will be from our Self’s individualized perspective. “I” will be Aware of all there is. “I” will be All Encompassing Awareness. Being aware of all there is means we will have All Encompassing Self Awareness, we will be more of AESA, there will be more of AESA, and thus AESA will grow and expand. In that AESA will be our unique Self, our unique Awareness of Self, our unique “I”, our unique “eye”, offering its unique perspective on all. Our own Self which at its most basic is the same Self that is in everyone. We are all the same Self, with our own individual “I”s. We are all one Self. In the words of the musketeers “one is all, and all is one”.

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