Saturday, December 27, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 3


Each link and each chain have higher, lower, parallel, guide and follower versions of themselves. We are Self Aware, and for us there is a higher level of Self Awareness. Put simply we are Self and we have a higher level Self, or Higher Self. The tomorrow version of us is the Higher Self, conversely yesterday’s version is the Lower-Self. The “us” with more experience and Awareness is our Higher Self, the “us” with a broader view and understanding of everything around us is our Higher Self. We are individuals and we have individuals with a higher level of Awareness relative to us; a parent, a teacher, government or religious leader. We are employees and we have a manager, an employee with a higher level of Awareness. In a word, we have a Guide. We also become guides for others such as our children, students, employees. I believe the Higher Self is, as the name implies, a higher version of our own Self. Be it from the future, a different layer, or another dimension, but it will be our own Self. Guides are the other individuals ahead of us in the chain, other Selves with more Awareness than us. As we advance we push everyone else up the chain forward, Higher Self and Guides, and we pull along everyone down the chain. As someone else advances up the chain, they pull us along. Thus it is in everyone’s best interest to keep pushing forward and advancing themselves and others around them.

As we experience a specific moment there are also infinite “link” parallel realities in the “chain” of this moment. The radio receives signals which exist in parallel. All of the stations are broadcasting simultaneously or in parallel, but we hear only the station the radio is tuned to. There are possibly variants of us for all of the infinite possibilities of our lives. Some of these are very similar, such as working at the same job but for a different salary, or very different where we don’t even live in the same country. These infinite parallel variants are the “links” in the “chain” of us at this moment, same as these “chains” become the “links” in the “chain” of us in all of the moments put together. As with any “chain”, I believe there is a Higher Self that is aware of all of the potentials and is available to guide us. Perhaps this is what intuition is, the Higher Self nudging us in a beneficial direction. Our beliefs determine what we “want” and how we “ask” for it. Not-poor is not the same as wealthy. Not-sick is not the same as healthy. Although the nudging might be in a beneficial direction, it might not be what we expect, and it might stretch our beliefs. Whether we perceive it as beneficial is determined by how we “ask” for what we want and how we perceive the new moment. Our “now” is a fulcrum, with both the “past” acting as a lever to adjust the “future”, and the “future” adjusting the “past”. Choosing a parallel with a higher salary necessitates a different “past”, just as fixating on a specific “past” necessitates a specific “future”. In light of a letter notifying you of winning a year’s free cable service, does it really matter that you can’t remember the cable company having any such raffle?

In every situation, in every experience, there is the discovery of more Self. As the Self is discovered, there is more Awareness of it. Awareness brings with it knowing, or simply knowledge. The expression knowledge is power may be old, but that does not make it any less valid. Neither does it mean anything about control or domination. Knowing how to grow food gives the power to feed. Knowing about buoyancy and water gives the power to swim. More awareness more knowledge, more knowledge more power, more power more abilities. We collect power to achieve a higher level, and as we attain a higher level the “chains” for which we are “links” also attain a higher level. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so every “link” needs to be empowered and raised to a higher level. For “someone” humanity is a “link”, and for “someone” it is a “chain”. It is in the interest of the “someone” for whom it is a “link”, to see humanity progress as it will raise them as well. As humanity progresses, it will be in the best interest of the “links”, the humans, as they will progress as well. As we grow humanity grows, as humanity grows we grow. As employees grow the company grows, as the company grows the employees grow. As parents grow their patience children grow their happiness, as children grow their happiness parents grow their patience. As we reduce stress we increase health, as we increase health we reduce stress. As we smile people smile back, as people smile at us we smile.

To be continued...


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