Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book 2 (My Opinion, Your Self Is My Self) - Chapter 1, Part 1

Let’s just jump right in with the wild claims and ideas that are unsubstantiated and that I can only make because they’re my opinions, and this is my book. The wild claims that your own research and intuition will support or discard as necessary for and desired by you. We’ll start with how the story ends, the conclusion I propose. If you like it you can read the following chapters and enjoy and understand how I reached it. This is my conclusion, and everything else will be the reasoning behind it. Just my idea and my sense of the way the world works. Either you won’t waste another minute, or there will be something that piques your curiosity and you will continue to read.

And with that…

God is All Encompassing Self Awareness. All Encompassing Self, All Encompassing Awareness, All Encompassing, All. As such, All Encompassing Self Awareness (AESA) only has itself, to create anything out of, when it creates everything else. We are pieces of AESA, we are Self with a unique and individual “I”. We are Self with a unique and individual “eye”. We are Self with a unique way of “seeing” what there is. And all there is, is AESA. The “I” is the conscious Awareness of the subconscious Self. The “I” is the conscious knowing of the Self. The conscious “I” is what the subconscious Self becomes when there is Awareness of Self. The more conscious Awareness of the Self, the bigger the conscious “I”, and the less of the Self is left concealed. Think of the words. The “eye” is conscious Awareness of the Self, and the “eye” gains more Awareness and grows when it “sees” the Self. The bigger the “eye”, the more can be “seen”, and the more conscious Awareness there is of what we are looking at. And what we are looking at, is the Self because it is All-Encompassing. The Self is the “organ” used to perform a sense, and everything it is sensing. The “I” is the Awareness of the sensed Self. The Self is both the Self Aware “eye” and everything it “sees”. So the only way the “eye” has of perceiving it Self is by looking into a mirror and separating out in the reflection the “eye” and the Self. Once the “eye” perceives the Self in the reflection, it becomes Aware of it. The “eye” gains more Awareness and becomes bigger, or grows its consciousness, meaning that there is less subconscious area for the Self, and more of the Self is in the conscious area. Also with more Awareness it becomes easier to detect the Self in all the other reflections.

The “I” is Aware of the Self, and has beliefs and opinions about the Self's likes and dislikes. The way in which the “I” becomes Aware of the Self is by using an experience as a mirror to observe the Self. The “I” sets up the experiences by using its opinions and beliefs as the template. As the Self participates in an experience, the “I” observes and gains Awareness of the Self. The Self either likes or dislikes the resulting experiences. The “I” gains Awareness of the Self's likes and dislikes and adjusts the template accordingly. The Self's like or dislike is the sum of “role”, “I”, and “participate with” in an experience. Think of acting, actors pretend to be another “I”. Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with hear” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with criticizing” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with enjoy” of music? Does the Self like or dislike as “I participate with dislike” of traffic. Smell of roses, caress of spouse, taste of cake, see of sunrise. Once the “I” is Aware of the Self's likes and dislikes, it can choose the experience and the role to produce the wanted effect. “I” should probably choose enjoy for the experience of life. Enjoying of life. As the “I” selects a role, it becomes it for the duration of the experience. I is “I participate with enjoy” of life, or “I am enjoying life”.

Through this unique “I”'s perspective the Self is collecting Awareness in its experiences, while playing out the only theme known to AESA, the path to Self-Awareness and then the Awareness of all. Since AESA is all there is, it has no way of fully perceiving itself, much like we can’t see all of ourselves in a mirror. We are pieces of AESA acting as mirrors, reflecting back our perspectives of it to itself. We are mirrors giving AESA a chance to say “ooh there's my Self, and there, and there, and that’s what my Self looks like from that angle”. There is no fate for us, but there is pre-destination since the end is known and it is full, complete, total, All-Encompassing Self-awareness and Awareness of Self. As we become Self-aware, there becomes more Self Awareness and thus AESA expands. As we learn and discover more about ourselves, AESA learns and discovers more about itself, giving all of us more to discover, and the process continues infinitely. Infinite moments of “ooh there's my Self” as we discover and become Aware of our Selves. Infinite moments for the Self of “I am so and so in an experience”, “I want this and that in an experience”, and “I do such and such in an experience”. Infinite moments of AESA becoming Aware of the Self through the “I”'s unique experiences. We are AESA's unique perspective of looking at its Self.

To be continued...

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