Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What is the Idea?

Our thoughts create reality. The ideas in our minds have the ability to shape and change reality around us. As an architect gets an idea and pursues it, that idea of a structure, little by little (or not so little) gets more mass and momentum until it is realized in the "real world". Of course we can say that it took blueprints, and money, and workers, and permits, and materials, and time, or we can look and see how an idea took form in the "real world".​

The builders, materials, finances, all of these things are what is necessary for us to believe in the idea. All of these are the things necessary for the idea to manifest in a way that makes sense. At the core, at its most basic though, is that an idea of a building became the reality of a building.​

The more minds, individuals, cells, others we can interest in supporting and manifesting the idea of the building, or manifesting any other idea for that matter, the faster and easier it manifests in our reality.​ It will manifest, become real, in a way that makes sense to all, such as a construction site with workers and cranes and visible progress. It will appear natural and ordinary, but an idea makes its way into the real physical world. That is the reality. What was, or is, the idea?

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