Monday, October 27, 2014

The Matrix Summarized

We are within a Self-Aware entity and we are the masks through which it looks at itself, from each of our unique points of view. But we are not merely in it, for it to look through, we also affect the outcome to give it a better view. We are in it, co-controlling. A better, more pleasant, perspective is beneficial for both so whatever we can do to steer towards it, is beneficial for both.
We control the matrix, and I'm describing the techniques. It's a Self intuitive system, with user individualized controls. Since it has to be Self discovered and Self realized, it has to have the simplest of controls. Anything the individual can come up with, has to then be a control. Even if not all of the functions are available, it would make sense to try only the pleasant ones, since accidentally an unpleasant one may be activated.

Since it is a matrix, all objects have to be part of its program even if we do not know the codes yet. So if we can control some of its functions, we can learn how to control more of its functions. Potentially we can control all of the functions. Commands can be entered in any format; thought, word and deed, be they valid or invalid. Change in the environment will show their activation and effectiveness.

Better in my opinion to start from the positive omniscience and omnipotence for all, side of the scale. The "all are...happy, healthy, wealthy, wise" type of a command. Constantly looking for proof of such a command's activation, and telling everyone else to do the same. Rather than the opposite type. Just in case. How bad can the world be if everyone is constantly searching for what's better for everyone?

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