Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hoarding is the stockpiling of resources because we might need them, and not actually using them. Food, money, knowledge, awareness, calories. Collecting, accumulating, and storing now, because we may need it later.

What is the point of knowledge if it is not taught to anyone? What is the point of energy calories if there is no activity to use them? What is the point of money if it is not spent on anything? What is the point of talent if it is not shown to anyone? What is the point of awareness if is not shared with anyone?​

Stockpiling clutters up the available space until there is no more movement. Growth requires the use of available "resources". Use of food, money, knowledge, skills, talents, space. Use of resources promotes growth. If resources are not used they lose their energy potential. Food spoils, money devalues, knowledge becomes outdated, skills dull.​

Hoarding is the friction in the cycle of receiving and using. Hoarding is just another term for resistance, friction, capping, interference, fear. Hoarding, being afraid of potentially needing it and not having it.​

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